Cotswold Wildlife Park

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EN: It was the first time I did something different in a long time and it was a great idea. The worst part is that I had to wake up at 08:30 AM on my day off. But forget about it. So, it was me and my friends, the weather on our side and a very nice road.  We’ve seen some beautiful villages on our way and in 40 minutes we arrived at our destination.

I was impressed from the beginning: a big car park and a large map of the zoo. So, we started walking around to see the animals. The first one which I really loved was the giraffe. It had like 3m. This was the moment when I remembered that my phone can do great pictures. So, we spent 15 min at the giraffe. After that, we have seen zebras, rhinoceros, lions and some wolves. But they were not as big or scary as I expected, so, the giraffes are still number one until now.

After that, I don’t know how, we woke up seeing a lot of birds, flamingos and many species of owls. By this way, we arrived at some buildings with a lot of lizards, spiders, snakes, bats and a big monkey which scared us a little because it was playing and knocking the window near us.


When I checked what time it was, I was surprised to see that we lost almost 3 hours. So, it was 12 and we were hungry. I was glad to see that there was a restaurant inside the zoo and as a bonus, they had really good prices. We ate in a fresh air area and this made our day even more beautiful.
Well done. We were better after that and it got warmer so next destination was a greenhouse aaand after it: penguins! They had a nice space for playing and swimming and I just couldn’t resist taking a lot of pictures. You could touch them as well.

Also, they have a souvenir shop inside where you can find a toy which looks exactly like their animals. If you are living in the south England or you find yourself near this area, there will be no waste time if you go to the zoo. I really enjoyed this place.
You can find out more, see live cameras and learn about adoption on their official site HERE.

 RO: A fost pentru prima data cand am facut ceva diferit de foarte mult timp. Si pot spune ca a fost chiar o idee grozava. Singurul lucru rau a fost ca a trebuit sa ma trebesc la 8:30 dimineata in ziua mea libera. Dar sa uitam de asta. Eram eu si prietenii mei, vremea de partea noastra si un drum tare dragut. De asemenea am vazut cateva sate foarte frumoase si dupa 40 de minute am ajuns la zoo.

Am fost impresionata de la inceput: o parcare foarte mare si o harta a gradinii la fel. Asa ca am pornit plimbarea printre animale. Primul animal pe care chiar l-am indragit a fost girafa. Pentru ca nu era inca ajunsa la maturitate in momentul in care am vazut-o, avea in jur de 3m. Atunci am realizat ca telefonul meu poate face poze chiar reusite, asa ca, am petrecut cel putin 15 minute uitandu-ma si fotografiind girafele. Inainte de asta am vazut zebre, rinoceri, lei si cativa lupi. Dar sa fiu sincera nu erau nici atat de mari si nici atat de infricosatori pe cat ma asteptam. Asa ca, girafele inca ocupa pozitia intai.

Apoi, nu stiu cum, dar am ajuns sa vedem peste tot in jur pasari, flamingo si multe specii de bufnite. Pe aici drumul te duce la mai multe cladiri cu soparle, serpi, lilieci, si o maimuta destul de mare care ne-a dat batai de cap pentru ca s-a lovit de geam exact in momentul in care eram langa el.

Fara sa ne dam seama, timpul a zburat, iar cand ne-am uitat cat este ceasul am observat ca trecusera mai bine de 3 ore si aveam toti nevoie de o pauza de masa. Am fost foarte incantati sa vedem ca in incinta gradinii se afla un restaurant, care spre surprinderea mea, avea preturi chiar accesibile. Asa ca am mancat la o masa in aer liber, ceea ce ne-a facut escapada chiar mai frumoasa.

Intre timp s-a incalzit, iar urmatoarea destinatie a fost o sera, dupa care: pinguiniii! Acestia aveau amenajat un loc pe masura lor in care sa se joace si sa inoate, asa ca nu m-am putut abtine si le-am facut extrem de multe poze.

Asa ca in aproximativ 6 ore am vizitat toata gradina, incheind cu vizita unui magazin de suveniruri care avea animale de plus ce aratau la fel ca cele reale. Daca locuiesti in sudul Angliei sau daca se intampla sa vizitezi aceasta zona nu vei pierde timpul aici. Eu m-am simtit foarte bine.

Poti descoperi mai multe, vedea camere live sau invata despre adoptii vizitand site-ul lor oficial AICI.


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